What is Mobile Flex-Cool?

Mobile Flex-Cool is an ultra portable, self-contained refrigeration system that empowers you to convert virtually any vehicle into a commercial-grade refrigerated vehicle, within minutes, at a fraction of the cost of conventional reefer systems.

So, if your business involves the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods, Mobile Flex-Cool is the most effective and affordable tool available on the market to ensure your products arrive to customers at the right temperatures – to boost customer satisfaction, comply with health regulations, and reduce the risk (and huge costs) associated with wasted product.

Why Mobile Flex-Cool?


Gain more precise and robust cooling/ freezing capabilities than conventional vehicle refrigeration systems, at a fraction of the cost.


Quickly and easily transfer Mobile Flex-Cool from one vehicle to another to minimize downtime and boost productivity.


Set and maintain precise temperatures to ensure your products – whether medicine, food and beverage, or vegetation – exceed customer expectations and reduce risk of costly waste.


Protect customers (and your bottom line) by avoiding cross-contamination that often occurs with ice & cooler systems, where the ice melts and water seeps into product packaging, making the food unsafe for consumption.


Minimize your fleet's fuel expense and carbon footprint with the all-electric Mobile Flex-Cool.

Mobile Flex-Cool Applications

Our Products

Top Loaders

Compact refrigeration units available in 5, 8, 14 and 22-gallon capacities.

Front Loaders

For bigger jobs, with capacities ranging from 37 to 242 gallons.


Shelves, curtain strips, and other tools to maximize your investment.

What now?

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